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In addition to our regular group of products and services, Casera offers a suite of other financial services that add value to your personal life or business venture.

e-Statements Expand/Collapse

The convenient way to oversee your business accounts.

Accessed through Small Business Online Banking, e-Statements are identical to paper statements (including the cheque images). Besides their convenience, they are environmentally friendly and help the credit union save on paper costs.

Benefits Features
Convenience e-Statements offer paperless storage, 24-hour access and seven-year online availability.
Flexible Statement cycle can be changed, allowing for month end or quarterly cutoff dates.
Printable Print your statements at your convenience.

e-Statements •  FREE

Money Orders Expand/Collapse

Payment guaranteed in Canadian funds.

A money order is a secure method of sending money in Canadian funds. As a negotiable order drawn on the credit union, it acts in the same manner as a certified cheque. The purchaser handles its delivery.

Benefits Features
Highly secure Money orders are only negotiable by the person or organization for which it is drawn.
Peace of mind Guaranteed payment; as good as cash in the hand of the payee.
Affordable There is a small service fee for issuing the money order.
Convenience Available in amounts up to $1,000

Money order issued •  $7
Money order traced •  $30
Other fees may occur. View Casera's services fees.

U.S. Dollars Credit Union Draft Expand/Collapse

The secure and guaranteed way of transferring U.S. dollars.

You can safely send money to a person, company or organization with a U.S. dollars credit union draft (maximum limit is $750,000). This negotiable note provides a safe, secure and guaranteed method of transferring money where a cheque might be inappropriate, for example, a foreign country.

Benefits Features
Convenience Drafts for any amount up to $750,000 are available.Mail funds almost anywhere in the world.
Affordability Fees paid on a per draft basis.
Peace of mind Payment is guaranteed and drafts are readily accepted around the world.No stop payment.
Saves money Sold at the market rate of exchange.

Draft issued •  $7*
Draft trace •  $30*
*USD transactions and fees charged in US currency.

Other fees may occur. View Casera's service fees.

Wire Transfers Expand/Collapse

Send money safely around the world.

Wire transfers allow Casera members to send money online to a second party at another financial institution. Send wires to credit unions, banks and other institutions in Canada, United States and around the world.

Benefits Features
Speedy service Generally arrive on the same day (subject to local cut-off times).
Flexibility Around the world service.
Security Guaranteed funds.

Canadian, US and International Outgoing •  $40*
Canadian, US and International Incoming •  $15*
Wire transfer traces •  $30*
*USD transactions and fees charged in US currency.

Note:  Other fees may apply to wire transfers. View Casera’s service fees.

Electronic Fund Transfers Expand/Collapse

Quick money transfers from other financial institutions.

An electronic fund transfer allows members to authorize and automatically convey specific funds to their credit union account from another credit union, caisse populaire or bank.

Benefits Features
Speedy service Deposit electronic fund transfers quickly and automatically to your Casera account.
Security Guaranteed funds.

Incoming transfers •  FREE
Other fees may occur. View Casera’s service fees.

Foreign Exchange Expand/Collapse

A cost-saving service for business members who deal in foreign currencies.

Casera is equipped to exchange Canadian to U.S. dollars in our branches and is capable of wiring transfers worldwide. We can also convert to or from a wide range of currencies, including U.S. dollars, euros, pesos, pounds and Australian dollars.

If your business regularly conducts transactions in U.S. dollars, you should consider opening a U.S. business account.

Benefits Features
Buy ahead Eliminate shortfalls by purchasing currency ahead of time.
Attractive rates Take advantage of Canadian rates, which are generally lower than those of other countries.

Other foreign currencies •  Please ask your neighbourhood branch
Other fees may occur. View Casera’s service fees.

Night Deposits Expand/Collapse

Make secure deposits after business hours.

Casera’s branches all have night depository capabilities, which allow business members to make deposits to their accounts any time of the day. Plastic bags are available. We also have FREE deposit booklets for you to keep track of in-branch or night deposits.

Benefits Features
Flexibility Round the clock access to your accounts.
Security Secure storage of funds.
Peace of mind All night deposits are verified by two Casera staff members before the next day’s business hours.

Deposits •  FREE
Plastic bags •  100 for $15
Deposit booklets •  FREE
View Casera's services fees.

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