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Line of Credit Expand/Collapse

Get cash in your hand to help your business succeed.

With a pre-approved line of credit from Casera, your business can easily access funds to cover unexpected cash flow needs or meet short-term funding requirements. You can borrow funds from your line of credit, repay the balance and borrow again at your convenience.

Benefits Features
Controllability Access the money when you need it. A predetermined credit limit provides your company with the cash required for day-to-day operations.
Manageability Manage your business’s cash flow by using the line of credit and paying it off when income comes in.
Builds credit Using your line of credit and making the payments on time allows you to build a positive business credit history.
Low-cost Variable interest rate.

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Letter of Credit Expand/Collapse

Guaranteed payments that help you build trust in business.

Whether your company is a buyer or seller, a letter of credit guarantees payment for business transactions, provided that stipulated conditions are met. A letter of credit can help your company establish long-term relationships with other businesses.

Benefits Features
Peace of mind Guarantees payment. Provides security for both seller and buyer.
Builds credit and trust Establishes your company’s credit worthiness and may provide broader access to suppliers.
Reduces risk Minimizes payment risk for both sellers and buyers.

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Leasing Expand/Collapse

Cost effective leasing solutions to keep your business competitive.

Through Concentra Financial, Casera provides commercial leasing solutions that allow businesses of any size to acquire equipment and technology without the high cost of ownership.

Benefits Features
Lower payments Leasing costs significantly less than standard loan financing.
Flexibility Payment structures tailored to almost any type of equipment.
Efficiency Maximize efficiencies. Stay up to date by upgrading or replacing equipment at the end of a lease.
Credit preservation Compared to purchasing, leasing extends your available capital without interfering with your established credit.

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