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Find all our fees – from chequing to savings, and everything in between – with these easy-to-follow guides. Download the PDFs below.

  • Casera's Business and Community Chequing & Savings Accounts (PDF - 55.49 KB)

    Click the link above to view our business and community chequing & savings accounts.

  • Casera's Miscellaneous Fees (PDF - 53.12 KB)

    Click above to view our service fees.

    Note About New Account Packages

    On August 1, 2020, Casera enhanced and expanded its personal, business, and community account packages. Switchovers from former to new account packages are not automatic. If you want to upgrade or change your account, please visit your neighbourhood branch or contact us through email or by phone.

    For information about changes to Casera's products and services, visit


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