MEMBER CARD® Debit CardsBanking around the clock and around the world.

Your Casera MEMBER CARD® debit card lets you bank around the world at automated teller machines (ATMs) with the INTERAC® and Cirrus logo. The card also allows you to pay for purchases without using cash at retail locations that display INTERAC® Debit payment signs.

Benefits Features

No need to carry cash. Global access to your accounts and the ability to:

•  receive cash
•  view your account balances
•  make deposits
•  transfer funds
•  pay for retail purchases

Saves time Withdraw, deposit or transfer funds.
Peace of mind

All ATM deposits are verified by two employees and receipts are issued for every transaction.

Maximum daily withdrawal amount is $400.

Highly secure

Casera MEMBER CARD® debit cards utilize microchip technology, which minimizes the risk of debit card fraud by making ATM withdrawals and retail transactions safer.

Receive receipts (with account balances) after every transaction.

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) helps ensure the security of your MEMBER CARD® debit card and your assets.




•  FREE at Casera and Manitoba credit unions ATMs
•  INTERAC® ATM $2.00•  Cirrus ATM $3.50
•  Circuit ATM $5
•  Canadian CU .55¢

Deposits •  FREE at Casera and Manitoba credit union ATMs
•  Canadian CU deposit $1

Other fees may occur. View Casera’s service fees.


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