Borrowing SolutionsWhatever your financial situation, borrowing can be a valuable option.

Whether you are buying a new home, consolidating debt, financing a special event or purchashing a new vehicle, Casera has a financial solution designed to meet your specific needs.

Loans can be obtained at fixed or variable interest rates and are available in a variety of terms. Interest is generally charged on the outstanding balance and repayment is flexible, with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly plans.

Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) Financial Fitness:  Budgeting Basics: The Workbook

Preparing a budget can be the most important financial planning step you can take towards managing your finances. Learn the basic steps of budgeting and how to better manage your wallet with the below budgeting basics worksheet by CCUA.

Credit Counselling Society (CCS):  Budgeting Calculator Spreadsheet

To make budgeting easier and more fun, CCS created a budget calculator that guides you as you create your own budget. It makes suggestions and warns you if you appear to be spending too much money in any area of your budget. Once you're done, it can take a look at your budget and see if it can find any ways for your to improve your spending plan or save some money.  On the CCS website, you can download the budget calculator for the PC or Mac on Excel, OpenOffice, or Numbers (Mac only).


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