Ways to Bank

Stay in touch with your finances, wherever you travel for business.

Casera provides round-the-clock, on-the-go access to a wide range of electronic services designed to help you quickly, conveniently and securely manage your business’s financial affairs.

Online Banking

Round-the-clock online banking.

Online banking is easy to navigate and secure enough to use anywhere. All you need is a personal computer with access to the Internet, your Casera MEMBER CARD® and a Personal Access Code (PAC). Online Banking is available through Casera's website — www.caseracu.ca.


24/7 access to your accounts.

Highly secure

Uses Increased Authentication in the login process to provide an additional layer of security.

Great for budgeting

  • view statement information
  • transfer funds between accounts and between memberships
  • Interac® e-Transfer is available
  • make loan payments
  • pay bills
  • stop payments

Staying in touch

Communicate via email with your neighbourhood Casera branch.

Enhanced Security

Online Banking uses Increased Authentication in the login process for enhanced online security. This feature provides an additional layer of protection against phishing scams with three challenge questions upon registration. When you subsequently log in to online banking, you will be required to answer one of the challenge questions and enter your Personal Access Code (PAC).

You can speed up the login by registering your computer. Registration means that you do not have to answer a challenge question before entering your PAC when you log in from a registered computer.

Registering your home or personal computer is highly recommended; however, you should not register shared or public computers. We use cookies to identify registered computers. If you clear the cookies, you will have to re-register your computer.

Sign up for your PAC

It is easy to get started with online banking. Just call or drop by your neighbourhood branch to talk to a Member Service Representative about receiving your secure Personal Access Code.


Casera CU Mobile App

Uncomplicated banking at your convenience.

Casera CU Mobile App is free to use on iOS and Android™ devices, easy to navigate and highly secure. It uses the same high-security as our online banking website. There are no passwords to remember, and all account login information is the same as your online banking information.


24/7 online access to your accounts.

Highly secure

Uses Increased Authentication in the login process to provide an additional layer of security.

Easy to use

With the tap of a button:

  • gain instant access to account balances
  • deposit cheques using Deposit Anywhere™
  • perform immediate and scheduled bill payments and transfers
  • view and manage scheduled bill payments and transfers
  • Interac® e-Transfer available
  • find branches and nearby ATMs
  • find rates
  • get assistance through Help and Contact Us buttons

Easy to download

Casera CU Mobile App is compatible with iOS and Android™ devices. Download the app for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Deposit Anywhere™

Snap and send – the new way of depositing cheques.

With Deposit Anywhere™, you can deposit cheques (in Canadian dollars and drawn on any Canadian financial institution) quickly and securely from anywhere, any time. Just take a photo of a cheque and send it directly to your Casera account via an iOS or Android™ mobile device.

Man using his phone


Deposit cheques anytime and from anywhere.


Deposit Anywhere is just as secure as depositing your cheque at a branch or ATM.

Easy to use

  • open the Casera CU Mobile App on your smartphone
  • select the Deposit Anywhere feature
  • select your account and enter the amount
  • snap a photo of the front and back of your cheque
  • confirm the details and tap, Submit

Fast and immediate

Finalize deposits in less than a minute, and completed transactions show in your account right away. Note: a 5-day hold may be placed on cheques deposited via Deposit Anywhere.

Please get in touch with your neighbourhood branch for more information.

Easy to download

Deposit Anywhere is compatible with iOS and Android™ devices. Download the app for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play.



We are committed to keeping your accounts safe.

Alerts is a technology that notifies you by text message or email when changes are made to your online banking information. These alerts allow you to identify and report potentially fraudulent activities as soon as they happen.

Peace of mind

You will receive an alert when:

  • an online login has occurred
  • a new bill payee is added to your list of vendors
  • an Interac® e-Transfer recipient is added
  • your Personal Access Code (PAC) is changed through online banking
  • online banking is locked; for instance, when an incorrect response is given to a security question

Getting started with Alerts takes a few simple steps. Just log in to Casera's Online Banking portal, select an alert, and direct it to your email or mobile phone. You can even personalize the alerts you'd like to receive.

Remember, if an alert is received that seems suspicious, contact your neighbourhood Casera branch immediately.

Added Services

Secure online and mobile services keep you in touch with your finances.

In addition to our regular group of products and services, Casera offers a suite of other financial services that add value to your personal life or business venture.


Conveniently oversee your business accounts.

Accessed through Small Business Online Banking, e-Statements are identical to paper statements (including the cheque images). Besides their convenience, they are environmentally friendly and help Casera save on paper costs.


e-Statements offer paperless storage, 24-hour access, and seven-year online availability.


Statement cycle can be changed, allowing for month-end or quarterly cutoff dates.


Print your statements at your convenience.

Money Orders

Payment guaranteed in Canadian funds.

A money order is a secure method of sending money in Canadian funds. As a negotiable order drawn on the credit union, it acts in the same manner as a certified cheque. The purchaser handles its delivery.

Highly secure

Money orders are only negotiable by the person or organization for which it is drawn.

Peace of mind

Guaranteed payment. As good as cash in the hand of the payee.


There is a small service fee for issuing the money order.


Available in amounts up to $1,000

U.S. Dollars Credit
Union Draft

Guaranteed money transfers in U.S. dollars.

You can safely send money to a person, company or organization with a U.S. dollars credit union draft* (maximum limit is $750,000). This negotiable note provides a safe, secure and guaranteed method of transferring money where a cheque might be inappropriate, for example, a foreign country.


Drafts for any amount up to $750,000 are available. Mail funds almost anywhere in the world.


Fees are paid on a per draft basis.

Peace of mind

Payment is guaranteed, and drafts are readily accepted around the world — no stop payment.

Saves money

Sold at the market rate of exchange.

* USD transactions and fees are charged in U.S. currency.

Wire Transfers

Send money safely around the world.

Wire transfers allow Casera members to send money online to a second party at another financial institution. Send wires to credit unions, banks, and other institutions in Canada, United States, and worldwide.

Speedy service

Generally arrives on the same day (subject to local cutoff times).


Around the world service.


Guaranteed funds.

Foreign Exchange

Cost-effective foreign currencies.

Casera is equipped to exchange Canadian to U.S. dollars in our branches and can wire transfers worldwide. We can also convert to or from various currencies, including U.S. dollars, euros, pesos, pounds and Australian dollars.

If your business regularly conducts transactions in U.S. dollars, you should consider opening a U.S. business account.

Buy ahead

Eliminate shortfalls by purchasing currency ahead of time.

Attractive rates

Take advantage of Canadian rates, which are generally lower than those of other countries.

Night Deposits

Make secure deposits after business hours.

Casera's branches all have night depository capabilities, which allow business members to make deposits to their accounts any time of the day. Plastic bags are available. We also have free deposit booklets for you to keep track of in-branch or night deposits.


Round-the-clock access to your accounts.


Secure storage of funds.

Peace of mind

Two Casera staff members verify all night deposits before the next day's business hours.

Talk to us.

Together, we'll work on achieving your financial goals.

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