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Mortgages with more flexibility and more options.

With an Access mortgage, you can shop with confidence with a hassle-free pre-approval process. Plus, get the flexibility to make payments on your schedule and within your budget.

We’ll take the guesswork out of mortgaging a home. Let us help you finance the home of your dreams.

Access Mortgage

A hassle-free pre-approval process and flexible payment options.

  • Fixed rate: six-month to five-year terms available
    • Prepayment of 20% of original balance allowed annually, without penalty, for fixed terms
  • Open Variable rate mortgages with no prepayment penalties
  • Closed Variable rate mortgages with the best variable rates we can offer
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payment schedule options available
  • Free automatic payment transfer system available
Builder's Mortgage
Construct a home and pay for it in stages as it is being built. 

  • Our mortgage experts have considerable experience with construction mortgages and can help you through this complex process.

  • Though no two construction projects are the same, we will consider the value of the land, the purchase price, the cost of materials and any sweat equity as well as the appraised value in determining the necessary down payment and payment terms.

  • Once construction is under way, you will be required to make regular interest payments on the funds that have been advanced, according to the completion stage of your home.

  • When construction is complete and the mortgage is fully advanced, regular principal and interest payments begin.

Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage

Borrow additional funds for renovations along with your mortgage.

  • When buying a new home that might require renovations, those costs can be included in your mortgage.
  • Obtain quotes for the renovations and talk with our mortgage experts to get pre-approved for the cost of the home and renovation costs.
  • Renovations can start once you take possession of the new home. Renovations will need to be completed before funds are released.

CMHC Eco Plus Program
Get 25% of your insurance premium back with an energy efficient home.

  • CMHC’s Eco Plus program offers a partial premium refund to homeowners who purchase climate friendly housing.
  • With this program, homeowners can get up to 25% of their CMHC insurance premium back with an energy efficient home.
  • To qualify, homeowners must:
    • be CMHC insured and have an energy efficient home;
    • apply within 24 months of the closing date of the mortgage
  • The home must meet the eligible building standards and/or the EnerGuide and EnerGuide GJ ratings;
  • Required Documentation: final certificate from the list of eligible third-party certifications and/or EnerGuide label or EnerGuide Renovation Upgrade Report (RUR) for existing homes.

Why get an Access Credit Union mortgage?

A personalized approach.

We treat members like family and work with you to discuss the facts, figures, and information needed to make informed financing decisions.

Advice on your schedule.

We are available outside of normal hours—including evenings and weekends—to suit your schedule and make your experience comfortable and easy.

Cash back with Member Rewards.

Access members are true owners of the organization and are eligible to share in the annual profits through our Member Rewards program.

Flexible payment options.

Six-month to five-year fixed rate terms, variable rate mortgages, and weekly to monthly payment schedule options available.

120 day rate guarantee

Shop for your new home with ease knowing your rate is guaranteed for 120 days. Access also guarantees a rate 120 days before your mortgage renewal date.

Mortgage Rates & Resources

1 Year
2 Year
3 Year 5.29%
4 Year 5.19%
5 Year
Variable Open
Variable Closed

Interest rates are subject to change without notice at any time.
Rates were last updated June 6, 2024.
Do you qualify for a mortgage? How much interest can you save refinancing your mortgage? How long will you be paying it off?

We’ll help you answer all these questions and more to ensure your mortgage fits your needs. Get started by reviewing these resources to help prepare for your mortgage meeting:

Get pre-approved today!
Whether you’re renovating, transferring your mortgage, consolidating debt, buying your first home, or looking for that second property, use our online lending form to get pre-approved. After submitting the form, our lenders will conduct the full pre-approval process including a credit check, income confirmation, and down payment verification.
Your mortgage, on your schedule
Whether you’re working a 9-to-5, home with the kids, or have other weekday commitments, it isn’t always easy to make it down to a branch for a daytime appointment.

That’s why Access Credit Union’s Mobile Mortgage Team will discuss your financing options at a time and place that suits you—evenings, weekends…whenever!

Our Mobile Mortgage Specialists can help you:
  • Buy your first home
  • Transfer your existing mortgage to Access
  • Renovate a new or existing property
  • Leverage your built-up equity
  • Strategize to become mortgage-free sooner

Text/Call Laura Gallaher at: 204.999.2796

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