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Visa Debit Payments

Benefits of Visa Debit - FAQ

The Visa Debit card gives members the freedom to shop with one card directly from their bank account. The card can be used for:

  • Point of sale and ATM transactions
  • Online transactions and international purchases
  • Recurring bill payments
  • Tap to pay using the Interac Flash technology
The Visa Debit card is linked directly to your account like a regular debit card but with the benefits of a Visa credit card with acceptance online. E-commerce (online) purchases are completed and processed through your chequing account.

Think of the Access Visa Debit card as a debit card, but with added features so you can complete transactions that are only possible with a credit card such as online purchases and in-app purchases using the funds in your chequing account.

Canadian merchants online, over the phone, and by mail
Visa Debit is accepted online and in mobile apps, over the phone, and by mail at participating merchants in Canada.
It can also be used to pay for any recurring payments you may have (e.g., Netflix, Amazon, subscription services, etc.) and even for paying your monthly bills.

International merchants (including US) online, over the phone and by mail

Visa Debit is accepted by US and international retailers that accept Visa online, in mobile apps, by telephone, and by mail order.

In stores outside of Canada
When shopping in stores outside of Canada, Visa Debit is accepted wherever Visa is accepted. Look for the Visa acceptance mark.

Visa Global ATM Locator

Note: The payment methods for e-commerce (online transactions) are determined by the retailer, so some online retailers may not accept payments by Visa Debit. Please check the retailer’s website to confirm accepted payment methods.

All ATM and point of sale (POS) transactions completed within Canada are processed the same way as any debit or credit card.

Transactions completed via e-commerce (online), telephone, or international POS are processed on the Visa network. This means that transactions will be processed similarly to how credit card transactions are processed. At the time of purchase, a hold is placed on your account for the amount of the purchase or pre-authorization. When the merchant processes their card transactions or when the order has been fulfilled, the purchase will debit your account and the hold will be released.

The default daily limits are the same as your existing debit card. If you are unsure what those limits are, please feel free to contact your local branch or the Member Solutions Centre at 1.800.264.2926

No, the ability to complete transactions on the card via the Visa network cannot be deactivated on the Visa Debit card. However, we do have a regular Interac-only debit card available for this purpose.

Using our self-serve fraud management features, you can customize your notifications based on your preferences right from one of our digital banking platforms, such as our mobile app or online banking in the Account Alerts section.

If your Visa Debit card is lost or stolen, please visit a branch or call our Member Solutions Centre at 1.800.264.2926.

Yes. If you’ve recently received your new Visa Debit card and have only had it for less than 31 days, you may add it to your mobile wallet by visiting your local branch or by calling the Member Solutions Centre at 1.800.264.2926.

If you have had your Visa Debit card for more than 31 days, you can add it to your digital wallet with self-serve authentication.

No. Currently digital payments with your mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay) and your Access Visa Debit card only function in Canada. If you plan to travel internationally and you want to use your Visa Debit card, you will need to bring the physical card to complete transactions.

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