Casera Financial Accounts Transferring to Casera Credit Union

Since 2015, Casera Financial has helped account holders build prosperity with Casera Credit Union's market-leading rates and seamless online service. 

Casera Credit Union is merging with Access Credit Union, and we are transferring all Casera Financial accounts to Casera Credit Union to ensure continued service during the merger process. 

What You Need to Know

Will I need to do anything to transfer my account?

No. Your account and transit numbers will not change.

Will there be an interruption in services during the transfer?

No. There will be no interruption in services during the transfer.

What happens to my funds after the transfer?

Funds on deposit will remain as is at the agreed-upon term length(s) and interest rate(s).

After the transfer, will I have access to my account via online and mobile banking?

Yes. There will be no change to your online and mobile banking services.

Will the member service phone number and email address change?

Yes. For assistance, please call 204-958-6300 or email

Where can I direct any questions or concerns?

For assistance, please call 204-958-6300 or email

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Thursday | June 15, 09:46 AM