About CaseraSimple and straightforward.

Exceptional service should be an easy flowing transaction between a credit union and its membership. At Casera, we are working hard to eliminate inefficiencies, streamline processes and enhance our interactions.

As a member-focused co-operative, Casera Credit Union’s goal is simple: to provide exceptional service and innovative financial solutions designed to help families prosper, businesses succeed, and communities thrive.

Benefits Features
Open membership Everyone can join. Become a Casera member in 3 quick steps:

•  fill out an application online or in-person at your neighbourhood branch
•  pay your $5 share.
•  start banking
Profit sharing As a credit union owner and voting member, you are also entitled to share in Casera’s profits through share dividends and patronage refunds, as determined annually by our Board of Directors.
Neighbourhood values We invest in programs, events and initiatives that build stronger, more vibrant neighbourhoods.
Expert Advice Talk to us. Our knowledgeable staff will provide straight answers to all your questions.
Secured deposits All deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.
Diversity of service Our face to face service and prosperity-building products are at the heart of our success. We also offer the latest in banking technologies, including online and mobile banking, a self-directed wealth management option and a virtual branch – Casera Financial.

Mission, Vision & Core Values Expand/Collapse


To fulfill our members’ financial needs with trustworthy advice, market-leading products, and exceptional service that creates rewarding member experiences.


We will enrich our relationship with members by introducing products that build prosperity and technologies that broaden the ways we deliver service.

Core Values:

People and Service

We invest in our employees, providing in-depth training and an array of career opportunities to assist them in delivering exceptional member service.

Co-operation and Community

We foster leadership and enrichment in the spirit of the co-operative principles by proudly supporting community programs and events that enhance our neighbourhoods.

Integrity & Excellence

We serve with integrity and strive for excellence, anticipating our members’ financial needs, providing financial education, leveraging advanced technologies, and delivering sound financial solutions.

Directors & CEO Expand/Collapse

Brent Thomas, Chief Executive Officer

With more than 30 years of front office experience in Manitoba’s credit union system, Brent Thomas has a keen understanding of what it takes to lead an efficient, forward-thinking financial institution. Brent has been at the helm of Casera since 1999, and under his leadership, the credit union continues to grow and deliver exceptional personal service and creative banking solutions.

Board of Directors

Robert Riddell, Board Chair
Adrian Measner, Vice Chair
Barry Hoeppner
Barbara Anderson
Dave Abel
Sky Bridges
Linda Hansen
Glen Swanson

Become a Casera Director Expand/Collapse


Join the Board of Directors

Casera Credit Union is seeking members with significant business experience to join its Board of Directors. Candidates for the Board should have a passion for credit union values, as well as demonstrated competencies in some of the following:

•    audit and compliance
•    Board and Chief Executive Officer performance
•    credit union operations
•    financial literacy
•    governance and ethics
•    leadership
•    regulatory environment
•    risk management oversight
•    strategic planning

Casera embraces the benefits provided by a diverse Board and works hard to recruit new Directors who reflect the credit union's membership.

Nominations are closed for 2020.

The new director nomination package will be available in early 2021.

Uncomplicated Advice Expand/Collapse

An easy flowing transaction.

We believe that exceptional service should be an easy flowing transaction between a credit union and its membership. At Casera, we’re working hard to eliminate inefficiencies, streamline processes and enhance our interactions. We are striving to make our members’ banking experiences as seamless and straightforward as possible. In other words, we are making banking uncomplicated.

To learn more about how we're providing value to our members' banking experiences, check out uncomplicatedadvice.ca

Get to Know Us Expand/Collapse

Our purpose is to serve.

Casera Credit Union was founded in the boiler shop of the Canadian National Railway's Transcona Shops in 1951, the vision of 10 tradesmen who invested $5 each for an opportunity to save and borrow money. Since then, we have branched out from Transcona to St. Vital, changed our name from Transcona Credit Union to Casera, and along the way became one of Winnipeg's leading providers of innovative financial services.

Over the years, we have never lost our founders' roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work attitude. We still believe that a person's character is just as valuable as their collateral and that the communities we do business in are our neighbourhoods too. Above all, we are proud of our determination to carry on the time-honoured tradition of face to face service. At Casera, personal service is not just a promise – it is our purpose.

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To help us keep in touch with members, Casera maintains active social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Posts are added two to three times a week with essential information about product launches, promotional campaigns, community events, and important news.

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In Casera's quarterly newsletter you'll find informative news items, a message from our CEO and timely stories about our technologies, products, and services. You can always access the newsletter any time of the day on our website.

Click below to view and download our newsletters.

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Our Timeline Expand/Collapse

A legacy of success.

Since 1951, Casera Credit Union has grown and prospered. We are nurtured by the vision of our ten charter members, strengthened by the loyalty of our members and powered by the dedication of our hard-working staff.


The Group of 10

Transcona Credit Union Society launches with $50 in its account. Ten charter members from the Canadian National Railway (CNR) Transcona Shops – Walter Alam, Harry Brown, Charles Burkett, Robert Davison, Arthur Everton, Eric Hansen, Thomas Herling, Walter Keen, Peter Mathewson and Michael Tomkiw – put up $5 each to form an employee credit union.


Open for Business

TCU operates out of a small trailer on Bond Street, north of the CNR Shops’ main gate. Members can now open savings accounts and apply for mortgages up to $1,000.


Bond Street Finance

A new office opens at 208 Bond Street. Membership in TCU is opened to all Transcona residents.


New Location

TCU moves into new offices at 108 Bond Street.


Open to All

TCU opens its bond of association. Now, anyone can become a member.


Million Dollar Milestone

Thirteen years after being established, TCU achieves $1 million in assets.


Walk-Up Service

Manitoba’s first walk-up teller is installed. It handles deposits and withdrawals before and after regular office hours.


Merger Vote

Members of TCU and the CCIL Employees Credit Union approve a merger. TCU grows by 174 new members.


A New Address

Increasing membership leads to construction of a new building at 1300 Plessis Road. The Bond Street branch is closed two years later.


Another First

TCU becomes the first Manitoba credit union to go online with an electronic financial services network. The move paves the way for automated tellers.


Do-it-Yourself Automation

An ATM is installed in the Plessis branch. By 1989, the machine is recognized as the busiest credit union ATM in the province.


Financial Fun

Thanks to the launch of the Fat Cat and Moving Up youth accounts, TCU’s youngest members can learn about saving money.


Eastward Expansion

TCU opens a new branch on Kildare Avenue. Walter Alam, the last remaining charter member, cuts the ribbon.


Drive-Thru Convenience

Manitoba’s first credit union drive-thru ATM is unveiled at the Plessis branch. It processes 996 transactions in four days.


High School Branch

TCU partners with Transcona Collegiate Institute to form Titan Credit Union, a course-based program that teaches money management.


Celebrating Success

TCU’s first 50 years of success are celebrated.


Fresh Identity

A new branch opens on St. Anne’s Road in St. Vital. To reflect expansion to a new market area, TCU changes its name to Casera Credit Union.


Making a Difference

Casera becomes a sponsor of the Casera Walk With L’Arche,
a major fundraiser to assist people with developmental disabilities.


Service Enhancements

A new computer system is installed, enhancing Casera’s delivery of Internet-based services. Casera becomes the first credit union in Manitoba to launch mobile banking.


Security and Convenience

Casera introduces chip cards that use microchip technology to make retail payments and ATM withdrawals safer and more convenient.


Honouring Our Heritage

Casera celebrates 60 years of success. Publishes Strength Through Service, a history of the credit union from 1951 to 2011.


Rolling Out Technology

New banking technology – Mobile Web, Interac® e-Transfer and Direct Alerts – is rolled out. Casera's Facebook page makes its debut.


Keeping Pace

To keep pace with the competitive financial industry, Casera launches a new app called Casera CU Mobile. Small Business Online Banking is also introduced to help meet the needs of business members.


Stepping Forward

Deposit Anywhere™ is introduced, allowing members to deposit cheques with their smartphones.

Casera refreshes its logo and introduces U.B., the credit union's new spokesperson. A new website called uncomplicatedadvice.ca, is launched, becoming a companion site to caseracu.ca.

Casera partners with Dakota Collegiate to establish Lancer Credit Union, a course-based program that teaches money management.

To help broaden the credit union's reach, a virtual branch – Casera Financial – is launched online. Now, members can conduct business with Casera no matter where they live.


Pioneering Success

Casera celebrates 65 years of initiative and innovation.  Publishes Trailblazers Infographic Poster, a history of the credit union’s trailblazing firsts.

The inaugural Casera Community Awards is launched to recognize individuals and nonprofit groups whose tireless leadership enriches our neighbourhoods.


Service Optimization

New generation ATMs are installed at the Kildare and Southglen branches.  The machines feature a larger monitor with improved graphics and enhanced interface.

Personal Financial Management (PFM) system launches as an enhanced feature of CU@Home.  A smart and secure way for members to view their accounts and understand their money.

Youth branch, Titan Credit Union celebrates 20 year anniversary.

Our Community Expand/Collapse

Building stronger neighbourhoods.

Caring for our community is one of the cornerstone values of Casera Credit Union. As a community-focused financial institution, we not only help our members achieve their financial goals, we also invest in programs, events and initiatives that build stronger, more vibrant neighbourhoods.

We believe that our communities are made stronger by the diversity of the people in them. We welcome the arrival of New Canadians to our neighbourhoods and we continue to reach out with initiatives that assist them in becoming successful citizens.

Since our founding in 1951, Casera has committed to helping young people grow and prosper. Over the years we have won awards for our efforts, and we will continue to work closely with community-based organizations that create opportunities for young people to learn the value of education, leadership and financial management.

Casera Community Awards Expand/Collapse

Honouring Neighbourhood Heroes

For over 68 years, Casera has actively supported community-focused programs, events and initiatives that enhance our Transcona and St. Vital neighbourhoods. 

There are many dedicated individuals and nonprofit groups that work tirelessly and at times without recognition to make our community a vibrant place in which to live and work. We acknowledge their good deeds with the annual Casera Community Awards. 

“Our aim is to bring recognition to deserving community leaders and groups in Transcona and St. Vital,” says Brent Thomas, Casera's CEO. “We want to celebrate their endeavours and accomplishments and share their success stories with others.”

There are two categories of awards:

Community Leadership – The Leadership Award honours those individuals who over time have contributed to the social fabric of their community through visionary leadership or tireless volunteer work.

Community Enrichment – The Enrichment Award celebrates nonprofit organizations that over time have made significant contributions to the well-being of the neighbourhoods in which they work.

Nomination are closed for 2020. The awards will be acknowledged during Casera's teleconference Annual General Meeting scheduled for September 16, 2020.  For more information, please visit our What's New page.

Profit Sharing Expand/Collapse

An investment in ownership.

Every Casera member approved for membership is required to deposit into a common share account as a declaration of his or her ownership. Common shares form part of the capital of the credit union and are a required investment. A monthly deposit of $2.50 into your share account (up to a maximum of $200) is a condition of ownership in the credit union. You may grow your common shares to the maximum limit at any time by purchasing $5 shares bimonthly ($2.50 is withdrawn every month from your account) or purchasing 40 $5 shares ($200) when you open your membership.

Surplus shares are dividends paid out by Casera and are based on the value of a member’s common shares. With the approval of the Board of Directors, patronage refunds may be paid on interest earned or paid by the membership. Common shares and surplus shares are RRSP and RRIF eligible. Since 1994, Casera has returned over $4 million in shared profits to members.

Benefits Features
A healthy credit union Casera’s common share program helps the credit union maintain a strong equity position.
Strong membership As owners, members participate in Casera’s democratic framework. You can help elect directors and influence policy at annual general meetings.
Shared earnings Ownership allows members to share in Casera’s profits.
Affordability Minimum share ($2.50 per month) required.

Casera also offers a Class A Preference Share Program, an exclusive equity investment option that provides an opportunity to earn an attractive dividend. The sale of preference shares also helps strengthen Casera’s financial position through increased member share capital.

For more information about our preference share program click here.
Casera’s Common Share and Surplus Share programs are free.
View Casera's service fees.

100% Deposit Guarantee Expand/Collapse

The credit union advantage.

At Casera, all member deposits are guaranteed 100% by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation (DGCM) of Manitoba.  Click here to access DGCM's website.

About DGCM

The Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba (DGCM) is the deposit guarantor for Manitoba Credit Unions and is required by law to guarantee without limit, all the deposits you make with your credit union. DGCM guarantees all money placed in a savings or deposit account, including any interest credited to those accounts. The corporation does not guarantee or insure the equity of a credit union. Equity consists of shares issued by the credit union or other securities and surpluses of the credit union.

Further, DGCM promotes adherence to sound and prudent standards of financial practice by all Manitoba credit unions. This is accomplished through the monitoring and examination programs of the corporation, which also help to ensure that each credit union operates within the requirements of The Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act and its Regulations. In addition, an independent, annual audit confirms that each credit union's financial statement presents a true picture of its operating results.

Casera By-Laws Expand/Collapse

Every five years, Casera’s Board of Directors initiates a review of the credit union’s By-laws to remove any outdated provisions, make changes that align them to sound governance and current industry practices, and ensure that they comply with The Credit Unions and Caisse Populaires Act. The latest evaluation was undertaken in late 2017 with the assistance of legal counsel and completed in early 2018.

As a result of this review, some proposed amendments to the By-laws were presented for approval by Casera’s membership in a special resolution at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 17th.

The changes focus on revising the qualifications of Directors to include a minimum competencies requirement, expanding the methods of voting, amending the nomination process, selection and campaigning of Directors, and broadening the method of providing notice for meetings.

The new By-laws document has also been improved — it is now presented in a more simplified format, which makes it easier to reference. To review Casera’s By-Laws, please click below.

Accessibility Policy Expand/Collapse

Casera Credit Union Limited (Casera) believes in diversity and inclusion and is committed to the goal of providing respectful, barrier-free service to all members.  Casera commits to meeting and exceeding our obligations under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA).

The following procedures outline our ongoing practices and measures of the requirements of the Customer Service Standard:

  • We are committed to equal access and participation for all people, regardless of their abilities.
  • We are committed to the use of easy to read fonts and plain language.
  • We are committed to treating all people in the way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence.
  • We welcome and accommodate the use of assistive devices used by our members, such as wheelchairs and communication or hearing devices.
  • We are committed to identifying, removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and meeting the requirements of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (Province of Manitoba website).
  • We welcome support people who are there to assist, while respecting the privacy of all members.
  • We welcome members with service animals.
  • We are committed to employee training on accessible customer service, including reasonable accommodations under The Human Rights Code (Manitoba).
  • We are committed to ensuring accessibility is maintained, like ensuring automatic doors are working properly, keeping entryways and open areas clear of clutter and ensuring snow be removed from entrances, walkways and ramps.
  • We will communicate when accessible features and services are temporarily unavailable by putting up signs in our branches and posting information online. We include information on how long the feature will be unavailable, and whether there are other ways to access our products and services.
  • We welcome and will promptly respond to all feedback received.
To request further information about Casera’s accessibility policies and practices, or to ask a question, please send an email to talktous@caseracu.ca or call 204-958-6300.

Market Conduct Code Expand/Collapse

Casera Credit Union takes pride in delivering high quality service to our members.  We are pleased to introduce the Manitoba Market Conduct Code to our members.  The Code identifies the market practice standards we subscribe to.  It speaks to the way credit unions and their employees conduct themselves and how they treat their existing and potential members to maintain their trust, while living out their co-operative values.  Our Code was adopted by our Board on January 28, 2020.  It is our demonstration to you that at Casera Credit Union, we embrace the principles of Fair Treatment in all of our Business Practices.  The Code walks through a number of important aspects of our business, from offering products and services and to access to banking services.  We encourage all of our members to read through it.


For more detailed information or to request a copy of the Manitoba Credit Union Market Code, please contact us at:  talktous@caseracu.ca


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