Profit Sharing

An investment in ownership.

Casera members approved for membership are required to deposit into common share accounts as a declaration of their ownership. Common shares form part of the credit union's capital and are essential investments.

Monthly deposits of $2.50 into a share account (up to a maximum of $200) are a condition of ownership in Casera. You may grow your common shares to the maximum limit at any time by purchasing $5 shares bimonthly ($2.50 is withdrawn every month from your account) or purchasing 40 $5 shares ($200) when you open your membership.

Surplus shares are dividends paid out by Casera and are based on the value of a member's common shares. With the approval of the Board of Directors, patronage refunds may be paid on interest earned or paid by the membership. Common shares and surplus shares are RRSP and RRIF eligible. Since 1994, Casera has returned over $4 million in shared profits to members.

Casera also offers a Class A Preference Share Program, an exclusive equity investment option that provides an opportunity to earn an attractive dividend. The sale of preference shares also helps strengthen Casera's financial position through increased member share capital.

For more information about our preference share program, click here.

A healthy credit union

Casera's common share program helps the credit union maintain a strong equity position.

Strong membership

As owners, members participate in Casera's democratic framework. You can help elect directors and influence policy at annual general meetings.

Shared earnings

Ownership allows members to share in Casera's profits.


A minimum share ($2.50 per month) is required.

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